Estrela continuing to be cheap, bring us Bat-Robo! These toys are actually partially cool and colorful. They have a pullback action adn when they hit a wall, they transform and roll back to you. These would be a great hit with collectors except for one thing, we've seen them before! They were released in American by Tonka and were called Powertrons. Before Powertrons, they were created by Fujisho and released in Japan. Here is a boxed one. Pic. All be it though, these colors are unqiue to Estrela and the Transformers line. Estrela was also rather cool in making the Pick-Up in 2 of the four Mini-Car colors, including Spooky!

Bat-Robo Turbo (Blue)

Bat-Robo Turbo (Red)

Bat-Robo Pick-Up (Orange)

Bat-Robo Pick-Up (Green & Purple)

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