Just when you though you have unearthed and obtained the weirdest knowledge of the transformers sepctrum, another oddball thing just smacks you over the head. Behold! Invasion Galactica!

    What is this? Who made this? Why Invasion Galactica? Aren't those Estrela Cars? The answer is yes to all those questions, even if it doesn't answer the first few. From what I have gathered, in 1984 or 1985, Argentina had passed a law that stopped the importation and sale of certain items. This law stopped the sales of the Brazilian Transformers! Argentinian sellers could not sell their products because of the place they were manufactured.
    Some brilliant guy back then, thought to open each Transformer and keep the bubble and toy, and dispose of the card. They probably sat long and hard devising of a new package. From looking at the the big red "V" on the package, I think the popular thing at the moment was the "V" Tv Series. So they placed a big honking space ship, place a big V and called it Invasion Galactica! Did it work? Beats me. I only aquired a handful of these from one seller who told me the story. I have never heard of or seen any others. This only happen in a certain area of Argentina for a limited time. Only original first series cars by Estrela have been found to be repacked.

    I obtained these before I found the Bumblejumper card years later. I quicly noticed the small amount of artwork still attached to the bubble which lead the tiny crusade to find the the Bumblejumper artwork. It all started with a foot.

White Camaro

Red Camaro

White Sedan

Blue Sedan

Orange Pick-Up

Blue Pick-Up

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