In 1984 McDonalds brought Transformers into the Happy meal world. Sadly, Macdonalds only Test-Marketed in St. Louis, Missouri. Ask around at those McDonalds dealers! These non transforming pieces were made in two different colors. One example is shown above. There are also three other characters in other various colors, bringing it to 4 charactors made. Brawn, Cliffjumper, Gears, and Bumblebee. The colors used for the toys include Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Black. Then with two types of shading on the turqouise, this makes 28. Each guy has at least 6 different color variants.
    As a quick side note, when I mentioned...., "(Note: there is no yellow and black BB or Jumper) " I was referring to that there was no Yellow bodied and black insided Cliffjumper or Bumblebee. But since the only knowledge I could gather on these is from a few Transfans and McDonalds books, they may be out there.

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Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
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