Always Changing, Re-Arranging

    "In all Galactic lore, there is no story as tragic and hard fought as that of the Twin Princes of the Rival Moons of Planet Robotron. Each Prince was to rule his own moon, with the most successful ruler eventually becoming the new Emperor of Robotron. One of the Princes chose evil and destruction as his means to power, and set out to destroy the Good Prince, with the aid of Antagatron, a giant mutant Robot with the ability to charge up and launch a Tracker that changes to Attacker."
    "Join this interplanetary combat by collecting both Antagatron and his rival Protagatron, the trusted ally of the good Prince, and create your own Galactic adventures."

    These figures are quite strange. I even got the blue one when I was little. The Charger Tron figures are not poseable, but have a story to go with them unlike many other strange toys were when you flip over the package it is all blank. The idea of Charger Tron's is that the smaller robot can launch of the larger robot. The larger robot has a motor inside that pushes the smaller car/robot out by pressing the silver chest piece of the main robot, which causes the car to "rev up". Also you can choose if the car/robot stays in car form or transforms into a robot. There is also s power gauge that shows green and red. Red for when the guy is all "rev'd up" and ready to go.

Protagatron (Good Guy)

Antagatron (Bad Ass)

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