RoboTron Leaders
Buddy L & Diversified Specialists Inc.

    These RoboTron's were sold at Toy r Us in 1992 (and could be found still probably). I received the information of the RoboTron name being used by Diversified Specialists Inc. in the Tomarts Encyclopedia. There were only two RoboTron Leaders produced. The Red and a Blue Commanders. These piece are actually copies of two robot from the Japanese cartoon Xabungle. The Blue Commander is Xabungle. The Red Commander is Iron Gear from Xabungle. He is a huge robot compared to Xabungle and the other robots.

    Red Commander and Blue Commander. Blue Commander turns into a 6 wheeled car and the Red Commander turns into a space fortress. I'm missing pieces for the Red Commander. The pieces for the Blue Commander can be attached to him and stay on.

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