This is a hardcopy prototype of the Pretender Finback. This piece is made of resin and is the first working model of the toy. The shell can open up, but the pieces are not attached on. The clips that hold the shell together are different than the production version and have broken off. They are more of a latch " [ ". Being that they are broken, probably leads to why they changed it. The belt could be missing, or perhaps at this point they never decided Finback needed one. The Pretender robot can fully transform.
    There are many differences from this prototype piece and the production version. The first difference is that the Pretender Robot has a Unproduced head. The head sculpt is completely different than the production version and appears on no other Pretender Transformer. Other differences would be that the top two shoulder screw holders are missing, chest details are upside down and the lower legs have a slightly different sculpt. Transformers prototypes are extremely rare to come by, and hardcopies are the rarest.

    When you look at the Instructions of Finback, you can see this prototype was the 1st version to be produced. The person who drew the transformations of Finback drew the 1st version of the toy. You can see though in some panels of the instructions, like the instruction art and a few transformation panels were the face is partially covered, that the drawing represented is this prototype. Other parts of the instructions show the the produced head and body.Instructions Pic 1, Instructions Pic 2.

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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