This the Autobot Engineer Wheeljack! Wheeljack was issued only in 1984-1985, and as a Mail-Away in 1986. Wheeljack is a original series Autobot Car from the cartoon series. His mold was never used again. Here is Wheeljack MISB in a American style box.

    In the fall of 03' we had Wheeljack sent to AFA. He came back a 85. Was 85-90-90. We were more curious than anything. The figure was rated a 85 out of 100. We stared and stared at poor Wheeljack, and we could find nothing wrong. Not even a blemish, or a paint rub or a sticker curled up a little. Tsk tsk. We understand how some figures can be graded lower like vintage star wars with the figures having paint wear on card or paint applied wrong etc. But this is different.

Variations: None

Collection of: Mac Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Mac Bickmore

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