This Sark originated from a Salesman who worked for Tomy, which is the comapny who produced the Tron toy line. The Card is completely white, except for the nasty water stains. The Card is the exact same size as a production backer for the Tron figures. Also, the punch hole is also the same, as well as the exact size of the hole. The bubble has been stapled to the card, unlike the production pieces where the bubble is glued on. It is also a hand cut bubble, and is in the exact shape as the production bubbles. It does have more plastic around the sides, unlike the production bubbles which were neatly cut around the figure.

    The figure itself has markings, but carries some slight differences from its production counter parts. The figure's paint is a pink color, compared to the standard white. The figure also has differences in the design pattern. The 3 bars on the salesman sample here are much smaller compared to a production figure. This actually is a major difference when you consider that the paint was applied to these toys very accurately in production. There were never any mistakes.

(L-R) Salesman Sample, Production Figure

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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