This is a Test Shot of the Acid Alien which was produced for the Aliens HIve Wars series, a Kay Bee Exclusive. This piece is actually a test shot from the original Aliens series, and for a few years, it was unproduced. A black test shot of this figure can be seen in issue # 23 of Tomarts magazine, where they told it would be unproduced. The Alien was originally going to be produced with a 2-pack of a Alien and a Marine. The whole project was scrapped, and the Marine has yet to be produced. The Alien though was actually produced later, but 10" inches tall and came in the Predator and Aliens 2-pack, a Toys R' Us exclusive back in 1998. The piece is now produced in normal size in the "Aliens Hive" Series. Its new name is "Acid Alien" and they come in red or blue colors.

    This Alien has no production markings. Two varirant color heads have appeared on these test shots. Some in Maroon, some in Red. The head of this figure is glued down and cannot turn. Also the tail is missing, which is common amongst these Acid Alien test shots. If you have any spare tails, I need them!

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore
Produced "Red" Acid Alien:

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