This guy were supposed to be non-existant by now! Yet he and his friends were miraculously were saved! This poor figure is a actual test shot that was used by Kenner workers in Singapore. The figure was pulled from a fire and does have some dark burn spots where he was in the fire (nothing melted). The figure, also like many other test shots from the "Alien Ressurection line", have this weird grey goop all over them that just won't come off unless you pick at it. Really weird, since there are no other prototypes that have this problem. This figure is unscathed because he was probably in the bottom/top? of the batch which was being destroyed before a some greedy little hands could get onto them.

    Overall the piece shows markings on his head and tail. The colors which the Alien is produced in is non-production colors. The figure does carry copyright markings.

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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