Name: Corp. Hicks

  Accessories: M41-A Pulse Rifle, Shoulder Lamp, Helmet w/ Camera, Torch, Knife, "Movement" Tracker

    Action Features: This doll is mostly poseable and is actually a Gi-Joe body with a Hicks head. The doll comes with full marine armor, fatigue, boots etc. Some pieces like the Helmet or just Gi-Joe parts "rehashed". There is even a canteen bottle on Hicks? He does come with some great accessories and his Pulse Rifle. First time I have seen a motion tracker for a accessory! The doll is not to good for posing but still looks like a good attempt. Is still a excellent piece and the Warrior Alien is a nice addition to.

    Picture of Aliens Vs. Corp. Hicks 2-Pack MIB (Front)

    Picture of Aliens Vs. Corp. Hicks 2-Pack MIB (Back)

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