Name: Alien Queen Hive

  Accessories: Alien Hatchling, Alien Slime w/ Canaster, Base Slime Plate

Click here to see Alien Hatchling

    Action Features: The Alien Queen Hive is probably the best of all of Kenner's Aliens works produced. The whole playset is set just as close as they could get it from the movie. The Alien Queen herself is a perfect rendition from the movie!
    The Plyset has quite a few neat functions. There is a Slime canaster that contaisn slime that can be poured onto the marine through the egg sack. It is poured in from the top and can be controlled by a valve at the end. The egg sack can swing at the base allowing you to "slime" various marines. The small Alien Hatchling can "pop" out from it's hiding.

    Picture of Alien Queen Hive MIB

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