The Space Base playset with 3-D Pop-up action was only avilable in the United Kingdom. It was a specially made for Woolsworth in 1996. They were taped to the back of the carded Alien and a small sticker was on front of the package stating the Space Base offer. Kenner was nice to have the Space base number shown on the back so you can tell which playset piece you were getting. Only 6 different ones were created and can be placed together as shown above. They also included a part of the story, which you cn read below.

Zone 1: Lab Area
The Aliens Nursey

    "Hey, Bishop, are ya hungry? Try some of this!" Drake holds up a jar of evil-looking slime. Bishop looks up from the other side of the lab where he's investigating a row of glass dishes smeared with green, smelly goo. "These science guys sure like things messy!" One wall of the lab is solid, smooth steel. Bishop taps it. It gives a hollow boom. "There's something behind here - it looks like it slides. There must be a way in. "He touches a ridged square at the end of the wall and suddenly, with a deafening crash the wall shoots back.
    "Holy... What is this? In front of them a bank of huge glass tubes stretches from floor to ceiling. They glow with a ghastly green light and in each one floating gently up and down in the viscous liquid is... something. Something alive and hideous. Something that looks like... "They're Alien young - this is their nursery!" Bishop peers closely at one of the tentacled creatures. Suddenly, as if a signal, the creatures fling themselves, all together, towards the Mrines. And again, and again. "It's like they recognize us!" shouts Drake over the thumping din and ominous cracking of glass.
    "Those tubes look like thy're gonna go." An alarm starts to scream. "The vibration's been sit it off - let's get outa here." But as they turn towards the only door out, they can hear the blood-curdling screams of Aliens advancing up the corridor. "Space Marines alert! Marine alet! Ripley! Hicks! Come in! Emergency!" bellows Drake into his radio as they take up battle positions and prepare to fight...

Zone 2: Examination Bay
The Lurker in the Laboratory

    "If I can just realign the tuning on this Alienator missile, the firepower will be outa sight!" Hicks is working on his portable missile launcher in the main lab. "I'll get these bugs right between the eyes!" He jumps up to try out the sight aim. "Shoot!" His elbow sends a large lead canister crashing to th floor. "Where's it gone... huh, rolled under the bench, dammit. And the lid's come off - - there it is. That's weird, it felt heavier when I moved it before... oh well. Now if I can change these calibrations..." Hicks is deep in his intricatew ork. "Ow, my eyes are getting sore - better have a rest... aah, my throa...uuurgh..." Hicks starts to cough, to choke, he staggers back from the bench. A thick, yellow gas is billowing up from the floor. He falls to his knees. Somethingscuttles out from under the bench. It's a deadly Facehugger Alien! "Hicks, hey dude, what's happening? Open the door!" It's Apone outside the lab. Hiucks can hardly move but manages to activate his video headset and tune it to Mission Base frequency. "Base calling Hicks! Move it! Alien approaching! Hicks!" But Hicks can't hear them. He hits the deck and the Facehugger squelches closer, reaching out for him with it's twitching tail...

Zone 3: Main Control Deck
The Aliens Invade!

    "So let's update the situation - any reports?" Ripley looks around at the team of Space Marines gathered on the main control deck.
    Apone is impatient "The situation is - what's our next move with these doggone bug-eyes? I say we blast the guts outa... hey, what the heck's that!" A rythmic booming suddenly starts up. With every thud the deck floor shudders. "It's coming from behind the wall!" The noise gets louder and the wall buldges with each thump. "It's beginning to split!" Ripley dives for her flame torch. "I'd say that our next move with the bugs is being decided for us! Emergency stations! Tool up Marines! We're gonna see some action!" A crack splits the wall from floor to ceiling, then sudden silence... They hold their breath. They can hear squelching, rustling sound and a foul smell seeps through the crack that explodes inwards. Steel bursts open in a cloud of smoke and electric flashes bounce fromw all to wall as cables are ripped apart. "Firing positions guys. These suckers are gonna fry!" The Marines stand their ground as through acrid smoke comes thundering the mighty Bull Alien, jaws slavering, and the venom-dripping fangs of the Scorpion Alien close behind...

Zone 4: Main Deck Access
Alien Attack Alert!

    Drake checks his video headset. "This had better work, ATAX, or we're in for a heckuva time!" It'll work - it has to." Ripley straps on her flame torch and turns to talk to the assembled team. "Okay guys, you know the lowdown. We tried to lure the bugs here by making them think we'd kidnapped one of them when we showed them Space Marine ATATX in his Alien Disguise Gear, all trussed up - and it's worked. Now we gotta blast'em - and blast'em good! We must pull this off or..."
    The Marines settle down to wait. Drake is jumpy - "Pity we can't get the Stinger in here - that'd see'em off. I just love to see those pesky bugs hanging from my snare arm!" "Come on buggles - what's the matter? Checiken are ya?"
    "I still say we should have gone on a full scale bug hunt" Hicks doesn't like waiting. "No!" snaps Ripley. "That's to risky. I figure their only move now is to batter their way in - straight through this wall here. Then we know where they all are. And when we've finished the crawlers... they won't be nowhere! Take up defence positions". All is quiet. Waiting...
    With a sudden BAROOM that bursts eardrums, the whole wall is torn open, sharp steel peels back and the hideous Alien horde is about to surge through. The Alien Queen's dripping jaws are set to strike but when she sees what seems to be an Alien ATAX - aimingstright between her eyes, she pulls back, thrown off balance. "This is it! Fire! Give the creeps all you've got!" And the Space Marines swing into deadly action...

Zone 5: Observation Zone
Waiting... Outside... And In!

    Ripley adjusts the viewer screen to the intenseifiactaion mode and trains the megascope on the bleak scene in front of her. Two moons hang low over the desolate plain of grey rock.
    A flashing movement catches at the corner of her eye near Bishop who's speeding across the horizon on his Hovertread. She swings the megascope onto it - the evil Aliens Queen? She closes her eyes and can see the dripping jaws and deadly whipping tail again. "Shoot - nothing here! I must be getting the creeps. It's endless watching and waiting. Where are they hiding? It's been days!" The screen shows cinder-strewn ground pierced by matt metal cooling towers. Massive heaps of mined rock overshadow the squat dark mass that was once the workers' communal habitation center. "They could've crawled under any of those rocks out there. We can't just keep the search going, we must find those demons. And when we do we're gonna plug'em good..." Behind her there's a noise. "Hi, Drake? How about you take lookout for change?" No answer. "Playing it cool, huh?" Silence. "C'mon Drake, quit fooling". But as she speaks Ripley knows it isn't Drake. It isn't anything human. "My flame torch! It's to far to reach in time! Okay hand to hand this baby!" Now she can feel the Aliens hot, stinking breath on her neck. At the last moment, in one action, she lepas up and swings round to face whatever's behind her - "C'mon you bug do your worst!"

Zone 6: Escape Hatch
Danger in the Darkness

    "This is dullsville" Hicks is guarding the Space Marines' most strategic point- the emergency escape hatch entrance. Past the electronic screening gates is an endless, dark, steel corridor. Leading off it is a spider's web of yet more corridors- where anything could be lurking ... "Only one more hour and then some huteye ..." yawns Hicks.
    "Emergency! Emergency! Move your butts outa here people! Conmes screaming acorss the intercom from Base Corp. Hicks racs to the transmitter "What gives?" "The Ground Scout Patrol has found a tunnel entrance- it's miles away- they must have been digging for ages!" "So, where's it lead to?" "Right to you! We only found it just in time- they're on their way in! And the Ground X-Ray shows thy're real close to you guys right now!". "Well, it's too late for us to get out- we'll just have to stand and fight - and that's what we're real good at! Wakey-wakey guys"!
    Ripley and the crew run in, strapping on weapons ready for action. Now they can hear the Aliens getting closer. "Oh yeah, you bugs, keep crawlin' this way!" Now they can see them, ugly specks way off in the distance.
    "Aim ... fire!" The Aliens draw back in the face of the Marines' awesome firepower. "What the heck is that!" There's a weird, steady, rumbling, roar way down the corridor. "Sounds pretty big ... I can see something behind the bugs ... It's ATAX- he's got the Power Loader! And he's coming up behind those crawlers!" Now we've got'em cornered! Let's give it to'em people ..."

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