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    BATTLE BEASTS were released by Hasbro in 1986. The Figures came in 2 packs and had vehicles and bases (which included a Battle Beast). Popularity grew and the kids loved the animals in the cybernetic suits! Hasbro created more figures which later intertwines with the Transformers cartoon series. The Battle Beast Series of Heat Rub Symbols (1-3) went up to #76 different Battle Beasts. Starting with a White Lion (#1) and ending with a Orangatang (#76).

    Later came "Shadowbeasts" or "Lasebeasts" in Japan. or as all know them as "ORB's". The new Laserbeasts carried Guns that resembled the creature who held it. Full production of these figures were oversea's in Japan were they came out in full production in individual boxes.

Other paraphernalia followed with the craze. Items such as Lunchboxes, Halloween Costumes and Games. This boosted the popularity and kept the line going. The rest is collectible.

    Also, I'm not selling Any Battle Beasts right now. Please Check the neswgroups and Ebay for them. When I do have Battle Beasts for sale they will be in the For Sale list.

Battle Beast list of Japanese and American (Pictured)

"Gumball" Battle Beast

Battle Beasts Chariots

Battle Beasts Bases

Japanese Battle Beasts Counter Top Display

Japanese Laser Beasts Counter Top Display

Shadow Warriors MOC Vs. Regular Battle Beasts MOC

Battle Beasts Novelty items (Lunch Box , Kids Costumes etc.) (UPDATED)

Collections of Other Battle Beast Collectors!

"Six Flags Theme Park" Battle Beasts

As you can plainly see the blue vs. the red. The blue one is harder to find than the red. On the Scorpion, the one on the left is Lighter than the other. The lighter one I got from a MIB Phoenix base. So the blue may also be from a base too.

Here is a Koala BB and a Lobster BB, the Lobster is a Shadowbeast ( A.K.A Laser Beast , or "Orb" )

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