These Battle Beasts were only released in Japan. They are a bit more rubbery and flexible than normal beasts, but they were never painted. You could only purchase them from the vending machines at toy stores or grocery stores. They are the exact height as regular Battle Beasts and also have the same rub symbols. 15 different Gumball Battle Beasts were produced, but not the just exact first 15 though. You can see Rubberneck Giraffe is confirmed and he is #18, but only 15 Beasts were made. So which ones exactly?
       There is still some debate over which of the characters were produced as Gumball Beasts. I have listed the possible suspects below but the list is over by three figures. Some beasts turn up more often than others. It is quite possible that the figures could be none of the few like Rocky Rhino and it was Prickly Porcupine. Only a handful of people know for sure but they have kept their mouths shut.

       Each Gumball Beast comes in a little plastic egg & a white sticker (seen below). Sometimes they came with a weapon, but it varied from being their own to another character's.

#1: Pirate Lion
#2: Deer Stalker
#3: Ferocius Tiger
#4: Colonel Bird
#5: Killer Carp
#6: Triple Threat Snake
#7: Horny Toad
#8: Sledgehamer Elephant
#9: Rocky Rhino
#10: Romain' Buffalo
#11: Grizzly Bear
#12: Blitzkrieg Bat
#13: Gargantuan Gorillia
#15: Grusome Gator
#16: Sly Fox
#17: Hardtop Tortise
#18: Rubberneck Giraffe

#1,2, 3,4,5,12,15; Collection of: Alex Bickmore
#13 & 18; Collection of: Sylvain Heyser
#16 Fox; Collection of: Brian Arao
#17 Tortise; Collection of: Kristopher Olin