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        Battle Beasts were small 1" tall figures released by Hasbro in 1986. Each Beast had heat sensitive sticker on their chest. When rubbed, it would reveal if the Battle Beast was Fire, Wood or Water. Each Beast also carried their own weapon. Vehicles and playsets were also produced, as well as a large assortment of novelty items. Hasbro released more figures to create a total of 76 different Battle Beasts. Starting with a White Lion (#1) and ending with a Orangatang (#76).

    Following the Battle Beasts were the "Shadowbeasts" or "Laserbeasts" in Japan. The heat sensitive sticker was replaced by a orb that you can see into that would depict which clan the beast belonged to. The new Laser Beasts carried Guns that resembled the creature who held it. The entire new series of 36 Laser Beasts and new vehicles were mainly released in Japan. The lower numbered Lasers were produced in Europe, along with a few unique sleds. North America only received 10 of the new Lasers packaged in Shadowbeast packages.

    To this day there are many Battle Beasts fans. A large range of collectors across the world seraching out for their favorite Battle Beasts or paraphernalia. The best place to look for Battle Beasts and other items is to visit Ebay.com. There you will find almost every beast your heart desires. If you wish to join the Battle Beasts E-mail list, join by signing up with Yahoo and Search & Join the Battle Beasts List Server.

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