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        Many strange novelty items were created to support the Battle Beasts toy line. A lot of these pieces are still unknown to collectors, and are slowly appearing. This list below will grow into a well organized list of what has been produced by various companies, but of course, over time.

Costumes & Accessories
        A lot of child size costumes and weapons, most were produced by the Imperial toy company. The costumes ranged from Halloween costumes by Ben Cooper, to play costumes and weapons made of hard plastic. A lot of fun a interesting pieces here.

Comics & Annuals
        A variety of comics and Annuals were produced. In North America, only 4 comics were produced. In Europe, a number of Specials and Annuals were produced. I think there are coloring book etc. as well.

Jump Ups
        Strange toys that feature a bust of a Battle Beast that can jump into the air. Spooky

        Many items are listed here. They can be from lunchboxes to sleeping bags to posters.

Shipping Cases
        Original packaging cases used to ship the toys to the toy store.

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