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        There were 6 Battle Chariots, 4 Drills and 12 Shield bearing Sleds produced for the Battle Beasts line. The first three Battle Chariots were released world wide and for the regular Battle Beast line. Japan then received the next three Battle Chariots for the Laser Beasts line. Japan also received the four Drill Sleds in the Lasers line that could be obtained from Mail-Aways, Punch Box prizes and exlcusive gift pack pieces.

        The Shield Sleds were produced in Japan, Europe and a one or two in North America. Japan only had six different ones in a gift pack, while Europe and North American received all twelve.

Big Horn
Deer Stalker
Tearn' Tiger

Battle Buzzsaw
Battle Savanna
Battle Eagle

Maroon Drill
Grotess Drill
Blue Drill
Gold Drill

Shield Battler
Shield Battler
Killer Hound
Shield Battler

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