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        In Japan, many Battle Beast items were produced which never reached to other shores. This really consisted of books they produced. There are also games and candies, as well as much more (to be found).

        So far a few books have been found. They are a Beastformers and Laserbeast books. Each book is quite thick and contain so much information, you have to buy one yourself to realize it. The Laserbeast book contains information about the unproduced, Godbeasts.

Beastformers Book

Laserbeast Book

Candy (Takara)
        In Japan, candy with a small toy is very common. They are abundant and sometimes are quite cool. The figures usually though are small, unpainted model kits or rubber figures.
        The Battle Beasts Candy Toys were small SD (Super Deformed) Battle Beasts. Each figure came with a weapon as well as a rub symbol. These were also sold through vending machines.

Candy (Meiji)
        The Meiji Battle Beasts candy were amazing! They came around after series 3 was produced, and included SD (super deforemed) Series 3 Beasts! The box shows 20 different SD, but they are all normal series. We are unusre if any new colors were produced, but they seem to be a little bit bigger. There was also a small pack of trading cards included featuring new art! Thanks Dave Barry for awesome photos of them loose with display, and a unknown Japanese site for the box!

Vending Machine
        Like everywhere else, the Vending Machines are everywhere in Japan. They love'em. Takara also offered a variety of unqiue "Gumball" Battle Beasts through this medium. There were white versions of Battle Beasts, as well as Super Deformed Battle Beasts. They came in a eggshell with a little slip showing what was produced. 3 SD Battle Beasts were in one egg, while 1 white Battle Beasts came in a egg.

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