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        Store Displays are quite tough to locate. So far the only store displays found all originate from Japan. I have never seen a store display from North America or Europe and doubt one exists. The ones that were produced in Japan are quite intriguing and range from your simple cardboard box to 3-D plastic displays. So check out below.

Beastformers 36 Count Display
        This box was used to transport as well as display the first and second series Beastformers in Japan. The box displays the White Lion as the main Battle Beast. Also on the box you can read about the exclusive prize hologram card, and the Transformers Repungnes. The border art of Battle Beasts is a nice touch too.
        The white box to the right is a extra refill cartridge of packaged Beastformers. It can hold 12 Beastformers.

Laserbeats 24 Count Display
        This box was used to transport as well as display the Laserbeasts in Japan. The box displays the Tiger Pain as the main Battle Beast. Also on the box you can read about the Gold Chrome Drill and Skull Grotess. The border art of Laserbeasts is a nice touch too.

Laserbeats Punch Box Display
        By far one of my favorite store displays. This display is a covered box which contains 24 Battle Beasts in package. Covering them is a map of the Battle Beasts world. The idea behind this was that you would punch a hole in a slot, and you would get the Battle Beast in that slot. Randomly inserted was 4x Clear Carps, and 2x Prize Drill's. Sometimes one of the Clear Carps would be a dark striped Clear Crap. Again, sometimes you may get a Laserbeast T-Rex or a Peteranodon with the Prize Drill. The display also comes with a spare cover to place on the display when all the holes are punched. Also inlcuded were extra packs of 5 weapons to be given out with each Battle Beast. The 3rd picture is the flap that sticks up, but it has not been attatched. The 4th picture is just of the designer and instructions of how it works. Overall there are 36 holes, and it is possible with the assumption of the extra top, that only one Drill and 2 Carps were offered at one time. This piece is sweet!

Beastformers 3-D Mountain Display
        This piece shocked me when I found it. It is missing quite a bit, but even displays quite well now. This piece is a plastic display with a mountain inside. Also included were a variety of tree's, and a plastic see-through cover that folds down over the display so kids couldn't touch. All of these are now missing but the display and mountain. The caves are stickers and the mountain is vacuformed. By far one of the best display pieces produced.

Battle Beasts Showcase Display
        One of the coolest displays produced. This display made of thick plastic, displays every type of Battle Beast, Vehicle and Premium that is being offered. From Drills, to Clear Beasts, to Gumball Beasts, to Hologram cards and more. I have found out that the display is authentic, but the large background showing all the various Beasts is a reproduction to enhance the display.

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