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        In North America, and in Europe, Battle Beasts were produced in the usual 2-Pack form. This continued until Series 3, in which they only came in 8-Packs. Individual Battle Beasts were sold through playsets, chariots and even the bandolier. The Series 3 packs are quite tough, while 2nd series and 1st series 2-Packs appear often.
        Unknown to a lot of collectors, Laserbeasts were produced in North America and Europe. We even got some exclusives that Japan never got! Laserbeasts were produced under the new name of Shadow Warriors. They were produced on the usual 2-Packs but with new card art. Only Laserbeats #77-#88 were produced in these 2-Packs. These are quite rare and desirable.
        Also produced were Battle Chargers with a Laser Beast. These are just like the Japanese Sled Battle Chargers, but these were different Laserbeasts. So far, we suspect #89, #95, #97, and #98 (possibly #100) were produced. They came individually on card with their sled. These are the rarest of any Battle Beasts, and only a handful have appeared.

        The 2-Packs were first produced without saying "Series 1" in a banner above the bubble. When the series became popular, Hasbro produced the "Series 1" banner above the bubble. They continued this through Series 2 as well.
        Series 2 also had a promotion going on. The promotion was to find the special Sunburst figure! A new banner was placed on the side of the card. I don't think any 1st Series cards advertised the Sunburst offer. I really wish they stated the odds of finding one. So far only one collector I know owns one!

        The 8-Pack was only offered for Series 3 Battle Beasts. 3 Different 8-Packs were produced, each containing different Battle Beasts. The Sunburst offer continued through to Series 3.

        The Bandolier contained a random 1st series Battle Beast. The figure sometime would carry a color variation. Decent artwork, and doesn't that kid remind you of Damien from the Omen?

Shadow Warriors
        The Shadow Warriors were Laserbeasts. In the 2-Pack form, only #77-#88 were produced. The packages had new artwork and pictures. These are very tough and saw only a limited release. Pictured are American and Canadian.

Shadow Warriors / Battle Charger
        The Shadow Warriors with Battle Chargers saw a even more limited release than the Shadow Warriors 2-Packs. Only a handful have been found. It is estimated that Laserbeasts #89, #95, #97, and #98 (possibly #100) were produced. They came with a new colored charger (compared to Japanese ones). The best part is that these Beasts had their shields with their exact design matching the Beast. These were never produced in Japan.

Combo Nimaux
        Pictured below is the Canadian Card with French & English.

Bestias Combate
        Pictured below is the Portuguese package. Seems to have a special offer of some sort.

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