This Hologram cards are quite cool. They were randomly inserted in the 1st series Battle Beast boxes from Japan. You not only a small chance of getting this piece, but which version of the hologram card did you get? We are unsure which was produced first, but the one with the Tiger alone is rarer.

        The coolest version is the most common. When shown one way, it pictures #34, Change Chameleon as a Decepticon. Another way and it pictures #50 Sabre Sword Tiger as a Autobot. It is very hard to shown them in the pictures. Currently your seeing the Tiger's head on the Chameleon's body. The back of the card shows both back to back.

        The rarer version is just the Sabre Sword Tiger. The back of the card only shows him in a red grided background as a Autobot. The hologram only shows the Tiger.

        It is possible a Decepticon Chameleon exists, but has yet to be found.

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