The most common figures of Black Hole are the 1st series figures. The most desired of the figures are the robots, V.I.N. Cent, Maximillian and Sentry Robot (2nd series). V.I.N Cent and Maximillian and the 6 human figures were from the 1st series release. The Sentry robot (red) was produced late, and was probably orginally scheduled with the Humanoid, S.T.A.R and Old B.O.B figure, which were barely released. But since the Sentry was the only new figure to be released in most of the world, it is considered by most to be " 2nd series". The original 1st series figures were re-released on 2nd series backers and shipped with the Sentry. You can tell you have a 2nd series backer, because it pictures the Sentry robot.
    The toys themselves were 3 3/4 inches tall and poseable like Gi-Joe figure. Detail was placed in the robots, but the humans didn't. It is so bad in some parts, that they even didn't have eyes. You can see that Mego knew this line wouldn't last long, and put the effort in the toys that would sell, which was the robots.

Series 1

-Captain Holland

-Dr. Durant

-Dr. Reinhardt

-Harry Booth

-Kate McCrae

-Maximillian (missing stand)


-V.I.N. Cent

Series 2

-Sentry Robot

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