"Cadillacs & Dinosaurs is set in the Xenozoic era - the 26th century. Here humanity must rebuild civilization in a world where dinosaurs rule the wilderness and lawless bands of criminals prey on the weak."

    Cadillacs & Dinosaurs started off as a comic book series which took off being a animated series on saturday morning's. Tyco gained the license and quickly re used some of their Dinosaur molds from Dino Riders! They produced a wonderful toy series which last as long as the animated series.

Action Figures

Jack " Cadillac " Tenric
The courageous hero of the land.
Jungle Fighting
Jack Tenric
Jack now in Jungle Fever mode!
Hannah Dundee
The diplomatic ass kicker.
Mustapha Cairo
Jack's best friend and machinc.
Hammer Terhune
Leader of the outlawed dinosaur poachers.
Vice Terhune
Lieutenant of the poachers and brother to Hammer.


Huge ceratopsian with boulder launching capabilities.
A large dinosaur that not only can flatten poachers with his feet.
Ancestor of the Velicoraptor, and now with spikes!
Dinosaur with the power of logs!

Vehicles & Playsets

Jack Tenric's Cadillac
Famous Vehicle of the series.
Jack Tenric's Cadillac
Aerial bomber of the future!
Hammer's Tribike
Poachers main attack vehicle.
Jack's Garage
Unproduced Garage Playset

Toyfair Tyco Display of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

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