Zeke comes with a little neck ring (controller?) and a back pack which holds two logs. It can also hold the secret message as well. Zeke also comes with a map and a decoder, which I find extremely cool ;)
     Its a little strange that Tyco screwed up on dinosaur's names. In Dino Riders, this dinosaur is called a Pterodactyl. While in Cadillac's & Dinosaurs & the Smithsonian Dinosaurs, it is called a Quetzalcoatlus. I'm not really sure, but it does seem to be a infant Quetzalcoatlus. But Tyco had a lot of research put into it and I don't think they would screw up.

     "The Zeke's (I guess their term for Quetzalcoatlus) have been domesticated to be used as messengers between villages. It has a message carrying backpack for holding secret documents, and if attacked, has a log launcher that can drop logs on poachers below."

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