These regular series Care Bears were the first ever made. Though they did start as greeting cards, these plush versions are what started the toy craze. The 13" Plush were first produced in 1983 by Kenner, and continued on into 1985 and 1986. There were two types produced, the regular Care Bears and the Cousins. There are a few tough bears in each series. Secret Bear is the only talking Care Bear with 3 sayings, and Grams Bear is 15" is tall.
    There are some especially rare Care Bears that were only released in Europe. One of the most notable is Trueheart, who made a appearance in the cartoon series. Others include Harmony, Forest Friend, Seafriend, Playful Heart Monkey and more. These European Care Bears were produced in 6" and in 12" forms. When one is pictured below, it will say underneath "UK Exclusive". The I Love You Bear have no tush tags and were given out to Charity Groups. It seems there are 2 types of them, one with "I Love You" on his chest and the other on his stomach. The stomach version has been found to be pink or yellow. Also in the UK Secret Bear was produced without a voicebox, and produced like all other Care Bears. Enjoy the pictures below!

Care Bear 13" : Regular Series


Cheer Bear


Funshine Bear

Wish Bear

Friend Bear

Grumpy Bear

Good-Luck Bear

Bedtime Bear

Birthday Bear

Share Bear

Champ Bear

Secret Bear
Talks w/ 3 sayings

Grams Bear
(15") Missing Shawl

Baby Tugs

Baby Hugs

Sea Friend Bear
("UK Exclusive")

Forest Friend Bear
("UK Exclusive")

("UK Exclusive")

("UK Exclusive")

Suprise Bear
("UK Exclusive")

("UK Exclusive")

I Love You Bear #1
("UK Exclusive")

I Love You Bear #2
("UK Exclusive")

Care Bear Cousins 13" : Cousins Series

Brave Heart Lion

Bright Heart Racoon

Swift Heart Rabbit

Lots-A-Heart Elephant

Cozyheart Penquin

Gentle Heart Lamb

Proudheart Cat
("UK Exclusive")

Loyal Heart Dog
("UK Exclusive")

Playful Heart Monkey
("UK Exclusive")

("UK Exclusive")

Trueheart, Loyal Heart Dog, Forest, Sea, Daydream, Harmony & I Love You Bear: Shona McAlpine
Rest of Collection : Mac & Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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