Care Bears are one of the most recognized an known toys of the 80's. The regular series was not poseable figures, but the line of cute, cuddly 12" plush bears. Each bear carried a symbol upon his or her chest. These symbols were in close meaning, of who the Care Bear was. In the cartoon series, these symbols represented their ability when they perform their "Stare".
    Care Bears in stuffed form have had many characters and sizes. The Sizes ranged from 6", 13", 18" and a 36". There are also some Home made ones, which a pattern set could be bought to create. There are also the Cubs, pillows and more! All are adorable cute and cuddly.
    Care Bears were also released in Europe, and they even had some unique ones of their own.

Care Bear 13" Series (Regular Series)

Care Bears 6" Series

Care Bears 18" Series

Care Bears 36" Tenderheart

Care Bears 11" Cubs

Care Bears "Pillow" Series

Care Bears "Hand-Made" from Patterns Series

Care Bears 1991' Series

Care Bears Beanlings Series

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