Acompanying the 13" series, was smaller 6" inch Care Bears. These Care Bears were styled in the sitting position and are still very cute. Over time, the pictures will appear when I get that Care Bear. I do not know if any Cousins were produced in 6" form.
    There are especially rare Care Bears that were only released in Europe. One of the most notable is Tureheart, who made a appearance in the cartoon series. Others include Harmony, Forest Friend, Sea Friend and more. These were produced in 6" and in 12" forms. Enjoy the pictures below!

Care Bear 6" Series


Funshine Bear


Cheer Bear

Wish Bear

Friend Bear

Grumpy Bear

Good-Luck Bear

Bedtime Bear

Birthday Bear

Share Bear

Champ Bear

Funshine Bear

Sea Friend Bear
("UK Exclusive")

Forest Friend Bear
("UK Exclusive")

("UK Exclusive")

("UK Exclusive")

Suprise Bear
("UK Exclusive")

("UK Exclusive")

Trueheart, Forest, Sea, Daydream, Harmony & Suprise: Shona McAlpine
Rest of Collection : Mac & Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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1997 - 2001 workings