This is the Pachycephalosaurus (PAK-ee-CEF-al-oh-SAW-rus)! The actually dinosaur has a thick layer of bone on the top of the head. Also the spinal cord can lock into place which protected the Pachycephalosaurus from breaking its spine when it was using it's head like a ram.
    The Dino Rider toy is as detailed as well as the rest. With all the armor on, he can bend foward and keep balance. The chair also moves up, keeping Tagg facing forward when our friend starts ramming the Rulons! The backpack has a feature when you push back the guns and they "lock" in place. Then you push the button on the back and they fly forward a few centimeters.

Box Art for the Dino Riders Pachycephalosaurus!
Click here to see the parts that make the Pachycephalosaurus!

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