Dino Riders was a success with almost every kid! How can one not love future technology with dinosaurs! Following the cartoon series were some toys that can be considered to be one of the best quality made toys in the 80's, or possibly the 90's! Each Dinosaur toy came with a rider, 5-6 weapons for the rider, wepaons, saddle, armor for the Dinosaur and a Superior Detailed dinosaur! The box has stunning artwork, 2-3 inserts to display toy MIB and a comic! This was no ordinary toy line!

    Dino Riders as a toy line went up to 3rd series. The last series being in 1990, when Dino Riders went down for the count. Close to 25+ Dinosaurs were created, with multitudes of figures and armor to go with them. The Dino Riders toy line went from regular Dinosaurs to including Mammels in Ice Age. Dino Riders would be later ressurected in 1992 by the Smithsonian Institute. A few chosen Dinosaurs would be brought back to romp around again. They were back!

Dino Riders Series 1 (1988)

Dino Riders Series 2 (1989)

Dino Riders Series 3 (1990)

The Smithsonian Dinosaur Collection (1992)

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