The Dino Rider toys held strong with its first series, and second series was around the corner. This new assortment doubled the dino's made! There were 8 new additions to the Dino Riders, while the Rulons only got 3. There were also 8 more 2-packs of different figures, including two females. Another addition is the Commando's, which were six action figures with unique weapons and accessories. The Dinosaurs themsleves were completely new and the detail was exactly the same as before. The box artwork got even better and there seemed no end to the quality of these toys! Most of the dinosaurs made for second series are ones you may have never heard of! Most second series dinosaurs are quite tough to locate and may give you a good run for your money.

    The largest Dino Rider toy was included in second series, the Bronotsaurus. This monstrosity dwarfed many of the other Dino Rider toys. Other exceptional dinosaurs with the walking action was Stegosaurus and Torosaurus. This series showed that Tyco felt they had a winner in the toy market.

    Info Bit: As before with the Smithsonian Dinosaurs which were remakes of some of the first series Dinosaurs, Tyco also reproduced some for the Cadillac's and Dinosaurs series. With the issue of the regular toys was Kentrosaurus, Triceratops, Deinonychus, Quetzalcoatlus and Pterodactyl. Most came carded and some came boxed. But they are still a bit tough to locate, especially the Kentrosaurus & Triceratops.

Dino Riders (Valorians)

Bronotsaurus w/ Ion, Serena & Ayce

Stegosaurus w/ Vega & Tank

Pachycephalosaurus w/ Tagg

Torosaurus w/ Gunnur & Magnus

Struthiomimus w/ Nimbus

Dimetrodon w/ Shado

Edmontonia w/ Axis

Protoceratops w/ Kanon


Saurolophus w/ Lokus with Trap (Rock)

Placerias w/ Skate

Kentrosaurus w/ Krok

Action Figure 2-Packs

Dino Rider's

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