The Diplodoctus was one of the most expensive Dino Riders toy made. The box for this guy was smaller than the T-Rex, but still quite large. The toy itself walked and swayed its head back and forth with the movement of his legs. The figures that were included with this set are Questar (Leader of the Dino Riders), Mind-Zei (wise man) and Aries. The Diplodoctus carried two huge armor stations on each side. A Dino Rider figure fit in each one and controls the 18 guns on that side! The pod on top of the Diplodoctus can hold a lookout person to check for any Rulon forces. The Valorian in the pod may also control the missiles system on the Diplodoctus's neck I believe. The pod was poseable, as well as the doors, missiles on the neck and the tail guns.

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