In 1989 Dinosaucers came on the TV in Brazil. Not to loose on sales, the well known Brazilian Glasslite company got in contact with Galoob and purchased the molds and got the rights to Dinosaucers! It is unknown how much or how little materials ended up in the hands of Glasslite. In the end, Glasslite produced FIVE of the EIGHT previously unproduced 8" tall action figures.

    Each figure was exactly the way Galoob had planned it. Hard plastic body and soft plastic limbs. Glasslite did a great job and produced each one with his correct weapon. The boxes were the same for all the figures, but were colorful and displayed a lot of art.

    Finding these toys is not a easy task. Even when finding them they are usually suffering from a lot of paint wear and have no gun. For awhile only a fragment of a box package was found, but recently three appeared from a former Glasslite employee. The boxed Allo shown here is one of those three.

    Strangely enough, a variation has already appeared. Ghengis Rex was produced with white spikes and red & purple cuffs, and then Glasslite probably cut back and produced the other with no purple band on his arms and no white spikes.

Collection of:Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos:Alex Bickmore


Genghis Rex




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