In the 1980's, numerous toy lines were produced. Some toy lines were lucky enough to have a television series that coincided with the toy sales. One of these toy lines was Dinosaucers. Sadly the television show didn't fair to well, and the huge toy lineup was never produced. The toys were originally planned to be released in 1987 by Galoob and were shown at Toyfair. Though Galoob was extremely close to production, they chose to stop their plans of Dinosaucers dead in its tracks.

    Unlike other toy lines where just a few test figures were created, Galoob had a full green light in making the toys. The Dinosaucers had over 16 types of action figures, space ships and even a playset.

    Dinosaucers did not end in 1987. Though the line was never produced in North America or Europe, Galoob needed to make money off the work they produced into the line. Galoob sold the molds and toys to a company in Brazil called Glasslite. Glasslite produced five of the eight Dinosaucers 8" figures! The figures were in excellent quality and came boxed. The notion of a few of the toys being produced should make any Dinosaucers fan grin.


8" Glasslite Action Figures

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First Shot Handpainted Plesio

Dinosaucer Spaceships & 1" Figures

Lavadome Playset


5" Fake Dinosaucers


Ship & Vehicle Cel Gallery

"Anklyo" Animation Cel

"Bronto" Animation Cel

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