The toys were based on the Dinosaucer ships that were shown in the Dinosaucer series. Each ship was to come with two small 2 1/2" inch action figures. These action figures were well detailed and colored perfectly to the characters from the show. Both figures were able to fit into ship's cockpit at the same time.
    These small action figures could move at their arms, legs & tail. The joints were connected by a elastic cord inside the figure. This allowed the joints to move easier and dislocate their limbs so they can be put into and taken out easier from the cockpit of the ship. Overall they give a feeling of being the regular action figures of the series.
    The ships themselves went through a few modifications of size and a quite a bit on shape, but basically came out like the ships from the series. These ships were extremely colorful and detailed as the figures were (excellent job Galoob!). The ships also had added functions of opening cockpits, swiveling guns, openening mouths, sliding wings and more. Sadly they were never produced anywhere.

Allo ship w/ Allo & Bonehead
Stego ship w/ Stego & Bronto-Thunder
Ghengis Rex ship w/ Ghengis Rex & Plesio
Ankylo ship w/ Ankylo & Quackpot

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