Ghengis Rex's personal ship is just down right cruel looking. The ship seems to be in design as the head of a T-rex. The ship is completely red except the large dual engines which are orange. The ship has features of a movable jaw and a opening cockpit. The ship also has two laser turrets underneath the wing which can slide in and out. The cockpit is large and detailed with computer consuls and a grided floor.

    The ship and figures are all made of cold cast resin & hand painted. This toy was used in Toyfare 87' or 88' and were also photographed for the catalogs. These toys have a extremely high detail which can easily be seen with one glance of these action figures. The poseability of the figures is a bit different. In the figures, there is a type of elastic cords that hold the joints in. These elastic cords allow the limbs and tail to be easily moved around so the figure can fit in the cockpit. But these cords could have been changed later on since these were the first run of the sculpts and designs. They were never re-tooled because the line was cancelled before that stage was reached.

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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