This is the unproduced Lava Dome playset. Only two were ever made, both resin handpainted examples. This version has scanned sticker labels, while the other has hand drawn labels.

    The playset is two stories tall, and stands about 20 inches tall. It was designed to fit both 8" figures and 1". It truely fits 1" figures and their ships. The lower section is a hanger bay for the ships, and the top portion is set up as the main base of operations of Lava Dome. The dome itself is was never designed, but Galoob did their best to be very accurate. You can see great effort went into placing the scanning equipment that hangs over the conference table. This piece is poseable and can rotate over the entire table and swing vertically.
    Galoob also thought of a extremely creative idea, to have all the computer terminals and consoles to be placed around wherever you want. They fit snug against each other and can form a partial ring. You can place some upstairs, some downstairs.
    There are no electronics or other gimmicks. But the playset itself is quite impressive and would have made the great addition to the Dinosaucers line.

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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