The Dinosaucer 8" figures pictured here are all prototypes. They are made of resin (very heavy) and are hand painted. They are the actual figures that were on display at the 87" or 88" Toyfair. Being Toyfair prototypes, they all had their legs glued to their bodies. So far, Plesio has had the glue weaken enough, that his legs are poseable. I'am still working on the others (daily workouts!).

    Each Dinosaucer was originally planned to be a clam shell plastic bubble / card. Each figure was to have one of four different guns or rifles. Also included with the Dinosaucer would be a "flicker card" of that character. The card would show the Dinosaucer and then the dinosaur that Dinosaucer was. The back of the card gives details about the Dinosaur and when it lived. To my knowledge, only 1 set of 8 figures were ever made it to mock up stage. Each package though was Bronto; they did not goet far enough to have invidual packages.


Genghis Rex







Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Anonymous

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