Name:   Elkhorn
   Type:        Good Dwarf Fighter

    Bio: Dwarves can see in total darkness, because they spend much of their time underground. Shorter than men, dwarves are still very strong, and are renouned as miners of gems and precious metals. Often they live in huge caverns carved from stone. The worst enemies of the dwarves are giants, who delight in finding and destroying dwarven castles. The powerful dwarf fighter can be found time after time fighting giants and drgaons for the mountain rangers they both like to live around.

    Action Figure: Like all other D&D he is extremely detailed. The figure stands 3" 3/4 and is poseable in the arms and legs. He comes with a small sheild and a red & yellow sword. The hilt of the sword has a skull on it. He was released in the 1st Series and 2nd Series of AD&D.

    Variations:Elkhorn was produced as a basic figure and a Battle Mattic. Earlier basic Elkhorns produced have a grey shield while the later run of figures all had silver shields. The grey shield is much more rare.

    Picture of Elkhorn MOC

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