Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was released in 1983 by LJN. By this time AD&D role playing had gained great momentum and toy a line was a perfect choice, but would have lasted if a animated series was created to back it up. The 1st series AD&D are the most common of the toy line, while the 2nd Series is more difficult. The figures averaged at the now common 3 3/4" inch height to the "Battle Masters" 5" inch series. Their detail was uncanny, as so were the bright colors that were used for plastic and paints. With each charatcer poseable and coming with many accessories, this makes AD&D one of the best toy lines of the 80's.
    In addition to the action figures, five monsters & "Battle Mount" animals were created, as well as the Fortress of Fangs playset.
    In 1984, LJN produced 8 new 3 3/4" & 5" figures for the 2nd Series as well as a few old characters. Each figure now has a Battle Mattic lever action on their back. This feature was just a arm lifting mechanism that was used in Thundercats and Tigersharks. Strongheart, Warduke, Elkhorn, Zarak were re-issued in with this feature. The 5" inch Battle Masters were brought back and now included a "Sheild Shooting action". This is where the shield emblem would fire off from the shield from a spring loaded mount in their arm. LJN also had re-sculpted the legs of all the figures. They could now only move their legs up and down, instead of side to side and back.
   The only new toy for the 2nd Series was the Dragon Timat! Sadly many of the other planned monsters were not produced, as well as a few figures. The line ended with LJN never giving a exact reason, but from what I gather they were placing all their money into the Wrestling market because profit was to good for simple figures.

Loose Gallery
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Carded Gallery
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BowmarcGood Crusader Series 2
DeethGood Fighter Series 2
DrexEvil Warrior Series 2
ElkhornGood Dwarf FighterSeries 1
Elkhorn "BM"Good Dwarf FighterSeries 2
GrimswordEvil Knight Series 2
HawklerGood Ranger Series 2
KelekEvil Sorcerer Series 1
MandoomGood Warrior Series 2
MercionGood Cleric Female Series 1
MettaflameEvil Fire Giant Series 2
Melf /PeralayGood Fighter Mage Elf Series 1
NorthlordGreat BarbarianSeries 1
Northlord "SS"Great BarbarianSeries 2
Ogre KingEvil Ogre Leader Series 1
Ogre King "SS"Evil Ogre Leader Series 2
RinglerunGood WizardSeries 1
StrongheartGood PaladinSeries 1
Strongheart "BM"Good PaladinSeries 2
WardukeEvil Fighter Series 1
Warduke "BM"Evil Fighter Series 2
Young Male TitanGood TitanSeries 1
Young Male Titan "SS"Good TitanSeries 2
ZarakEvil-Half Orc Assassin Series 1
Zarak "BM"Evil-Half Orc AssassinSeries 2
ZorgarEvil BarbarianSeries 2

   The figures can range from common to very tough to locate. The tougher figures would be figures like the black haired female Deeth & the muscle bound archer Hawkler. While others like Bowmarc & Grimsword seem to be a bit more common. This could be due to case count or just being produced late in the year. For the 5" figures, they all seem to be equally tough. But the Ogre King with the Orange Highlights seems to be the toughest of the 5" set. Again this could be due to Case Count or being produced late in the year.
   As for the new 2nd series monsters, not many where produced. Only Timat from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series which aired on CBS was produced. This 5-headed dragon is still one magnificent toy, but had limited poseability. For more info on Timat, go to the Creatures section Other monsters and playsets were sculpted for second series, but were never produced. For more information, skim down to the Unproduced part.

   Varations:Alot of packaging varations took place in 2nd series. Just about every character could be found on 2 different color background cards. This error probably happened during a switch of the usual colors. The backers now ranged from Blue, Purple and Red. Blue was for Good guys, Red was for Evil guys and Good guys....and Purple was for Evil guys only. This is my guess, but it seems LJN was going to phase out the red backers mid way into production, and make all the Evil on Purple, and all the Good on Blue. But I have never seen a Purple backer for the 5" figures, so this may not apply to them.
   Varations:I beleive that the "Mounts" Destrier, Bronze Dragon & Nightmare were relased in 2nd series. But this time they had their warrior companion MISB with them. Strongheart came MISB with Destrier as well as Bronze Dragon, and Warduke came MISB with Nightmare.

   Unproduced:2nd series saw alot of unproduced action figures. Most of them were complete and almost ready to be produced. For the 5" series, a new Sheild Shooter named Pulvereye was never produced. For the 3 3/4" figures, the Viking Valkeer was never produced. A first series figures was also reculpted, but never prdouced. Kelek was resculpted in new colors, and looked much fatter. For more infortmaion and pictures, go to Prototypes
   Unproduced:Two monsters named Behir and Bulette were extremely close to being produced. They would have been in the same series as Dragonne and Hook Horror. More infortmaion and pictures, go to Prototypes
   Unproduced:Another grand playset was going to be made. The Snake Cave playset though was also cancelled as you guessed. Being a playset, as well as a Carrying case. For more information and pictures, visit Playsets
   Unproduced:if you locate or see any Unproduced or Prototype Dungeons & Dragons, please contatced me. I'm constatntly searching for these to be in my collection.

   Fun Facts:Click Here to see a carded Northlord upside down on the card!

   Fun Facts:Valkeer was actually known to Dungeons & Dragons collectors, but they didn't know his name. The artwork for the 5" figures always showed the packaged character pitted against a foe. The artwork for Mettaflame showed Mettflame blocking Valkeer's swift attack. How many kids out there kept searching back in 84' for this guy?

   Fun Facts:Hawkler's original named was Falken. But his name was changed before he was produced. No one is sure why, but it my involve with name rights with another D&D character or another character from another toy line. Changes were last minute, causing Hawkler to be relased late. The reasons why are all speculation. There might be some proof cards out there though...

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