Name:   Mandoom
   Type:        Good Warrior

    Bio: Mandoom is a very fierce warrior from a very strange place. He has golden skin and appears to be made of stone. Mandoom is often called to this world by magic users who need his help in war or battle. He always carries gold weapons and wears golden armor when he goes into battle against enemies of the magic users.

    Action Figure: Like all other D&D he is extremely detailed. The toy stands 5" inches tall and is poseable in the arms, legs and head. He has a "Battle Mattic" action with his arm and the "Shield Shooting" action. He comes with a orange/brown hammer, a orange/brown sword, a waist hanging armor in tan and a Roman like helmet that is brown and white. His shield is bronze with a emblem of a lion. Being a Shield Shooter, the Emblem is spring launched!

    Variations:Mandoom has no known variations.

    Picture of Manoodm MOC (NO PHOTO)

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