Name:   Mercion
   Type:        Good Cleric Female

    Bio: Clerics are the most holy of all people. They use their knowledge to help the sick and wounded. Their holy powers also allow them to better fight the more magical evil beings in the world. Armed with a mace or hammer and their daily prayers, they are able to adventure and fight on the side of Law and Order.

    Action Figure: Like all other D&D she is extremely detailed. The figure stands 3" 3/4 and is poseable in the arms and legs. She comes with a brown Staff/Mace and wears a white cloak. Underneath she wear a yellow tunic and has a black band to keep it on. She was only released in the 1st Series of AD&D.

    Variations:The figure was never produced as a Battle Mattic. There are no known variations on the figure or weapons, but her card has a variation. One style card has a spell being cast from her weapon and the other has the artwork plain.

    Picture of Mercion MOC

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