Name:   Strongheart (BM)
   Type:         Good Paladin

    Bio: The most honest and brave of all fighters, Strongheart fights evil doers whenever and wherever it is neccessary. Riding a proud charger into battle, he uses his powerful sword to protect the weak but loyal followers of the king. He has the ability to instantly tell evil wherever it appears and to heal the sick and wounded. Strongheart will stand and fight when most others will turn and run.

    Action Figure: Like all other D&D he is extremely detailed. The toy is 3" 3/4 inches tall and is poseable in the arms, legs and head. He has a "Battle Mattic" action with his arm. He comes with a glittering blue cape and a silver sword. Strongheart only came on a blue card, but possibly a red.

    Variations: Battle Mattic Strongheart has no known variations. His package can be found in the original "Red" and then in the later "Blue" color. I have not seen a red one yet.

    Picture of Strongheart "Battle Mattic" MOC (NO PHOTO)

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