Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Prototypes

   Over the 2 years that LJN was producing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons figures & playsets, many were never produced. Almost all of the pictures here have been taken from LJN catalogs, the only source for these unproduced and extrordinary toys. But if you have seen or heard of anyone owning these pieces or seen them, PLEASE let me know!!!

   LJN created a bunch of unproduced figures for 1st & 2nd Series. There are many possible reasons for them not being produced. A answer could be that they wanted a short line up for the first series, and held back some of the figures for the upcoming series. Maybe the toy didn't pass the safety tests, or LJN lost interest in that certain type of figure. Below is a list of figures, monsters & playsets that were never produced.

   It is a little known fact that there were many unproduced characters that may have never been produced. The first coloring books that appeared before any of the toys and other novelty items, showed a large variety of good and evil theifs, fighters, magicians and monsters. This was the original palette for which toys will be produced. I will soon have a small section on these characters and their names based upon the coloring books and stickers.

Prototype Action Figure

Skyla: Originally planned to be one of the 12 1st series figures to be released, Skylla was never produced. It was unproduced for unknown reasons and no one knows if a prototype was made. Many characters were considered for the figure line and the only evidence we have of Skyla is on the back of the bendy LJN / TSR packages.
Valkeer: A scheduled 2nd series figure that was modeled after a viking. The figure was screaming AD&D all over it, but was never produced. Artwork of Valkeer can be seen on Mettaflame's artwork, where the two are dueling.
Kelek (1st Version): This is the original sculpt and concept for Kelek. Not much had changed. it was a wise idea to make the cloak of real fabric. This was probably the first sculpt of all the figures to present the idea of the toy line.
Kelek (2nd Version): This figure was "fatter" and had enhanced details and colors. This "chubby" feature in the figure probably led to the figure being taken out of the line up, and was possibly saved for later production? I'am not sure if this piece is a original 1st Series concept sculpt or a resculpt for 2nd Series.
Pulvereye: This Cyclopitic Cheiftan had a sheild with a one eyed spider. This 5" figure was never produced for unknown reasons. We do know Ogre King was issued later / limited numbers. Perhaps the line was at it's end.

Prototype Monsters

   We only know of two monsters named Behir and Bulette which were extremely close to being produced. There probably were others proposed, but who knows how far they got to being sculpted? Bullete was in final stages of production, while Behir is unknown. They would have been released in the same series as Dragonne and Hook Horror. It is possible due to size that Behir would have been the fourth toy that a figure could ride on.

Behir: A huge wyvren like dragon with 4 arms and 8 legs. Is rumored that was never produced because of to many sharp points. The picture is of a concept drawing of Behir. The toy may have been different. Pic.2 : This Image is colored art out of a gaming book.
Bullete: This Shark/Lizard beast would have been a great addition to the AD&D line. Another little known fact is that Bullete was going to be produced as a Thundercats toy, called Lizord. The Thundercat version, which was also unproduced, was green and black and has different head and arms. Pic.2 : This Image is colored art out of a gaming book.
Bullete Mold: This is a original mold for the head of Bullete. This mold was probably a back up mold created from the original wax sculpt. It has no spouts but it was used. To my knowledge this is the only physical Bullete items to appear.
Plush Griffon: I was told by a former LJN Employee that this and others were presented to be produced for a possible stuffed line. Obviously it was never produced and this is the only example of the Griffon made. It is hand made and measures 16" across. Yea, he is kinda cute, but he has no tag or markings. With pieces slowly appearing, maybe soon we can see what else LJN had in store for the D&D line? Pic 2,Pic 3.

Prototype Playsets

   One of the problems with the Dunegons & Dragons toy line was that there were not enough playsets. Though we got the Fortress of Fangs, we did not get the last fortress which was very close to being produced. The Snake Cave Playset!

Snake Cave Playset: The Snake Cave Playset was going to be a playset as well as a carrying case. The inside of the playset is unknown since we have only this picture from the LJN catalog, but it would probably have great features like the Fortress of Fangs. We can guess what features it may have had. You can see three doorways in front, I'd probably take for granted the spider door may have led to a wall of spikes or something of a trap. The center tower could be a look out tower or a jail cell; and then there is a make shift ladder. Also in front, you can see the unproduced viking, Valkeer!

Prototype Misc.

   Here is a listing of all the other AD&D prototypes that have turned up. Check out the at presentation boards section to learn about the unknown weapons pack.

Art Presentation Boards: These large art presentation boards were used by LJN to finalize the art.
Timat Pencil Sharpener Figure: This is a small 2" 1/2 inch tall figure of Timat from AD&D. This is a test shot in white plastic with no markings. The finished product would have Timat on top of the pencil sharpener.
Strongheart Pencil Sharpener Figure: This is a small 2" 1/2 inch tall figure of Strongheart from AD&D. This is a test shot in white plastic with no markings. The finished product can be seen here.
Warduke Pencil Sharpener Figure: This is a small 2" 1/2 inch tall figure of Warduke from AD&D.

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