These Art Presentation Boards stand over a foot tall or more. These were probably used to finalize the artwork that would be used for the 2nd Series of the AD&D line. These are not the original pieces of art but high quailty reproductions that LJN created and sent overseas to their European company.

   A lot of this art you have seen before, while others you have not. For the first time collectors and fans can see the original package artwork for Pulverye and Valkeer, as well as the previously unknonw Weapons Pack!

   (Pic) Bowmarc

   (Pic) Deeth

   (Pic) Drex

   (Pic) Elkhorn

   (Pic) (Pic 2) Falken

   (Pic) Mandoom

   (Pic) Mettaflame

   (Pic) Pulvereye

   (Pic) Strongheart

   (Pic) Valkeer

   (Pic) (Pic 2) Weapons Pack

   (Pic) Zarak

   (Pic) Zorgar

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