Name:   Kelek
   Type:        Evil Sorcerer

    Bio: A?? class the Evil Sorcerer is capable of casting powerful magical spells to further MEch??????Ways. While Sorcerers cannot use weapons other than daggers, darts, or staffs. They have a large number of terrible spells that they employ to win the day for them. Evil Sorcerers are constantly fighting the forces of Law and Order for dominance in the lands where they live.
    Action Figure: Like all other D&D he is extremely detailed. The figure stands 3" 3/4 and is poseable in the arms and legs. He comes a long black cloak with red trimming. He aslo has a Green staff with dragon wings and a small green wand. He also made a appearance in the CBS D&D cartoon! He was only released in the 1st Series of AD&D.
    Variations: it seems the earlier Elkhorns produced have a grey shield while the later run of figures all had silver shields. The grey shield is much more rare.

    Picture of Kelek MOC

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