Name:   Warduke (BM)
   Type:         Evil Fighter

    Bio: Warduke is an extremely powerful fighter and is able to meet any physcial challenge. He uses many different types of weapons, but his favorite is his evil magical sword. Warduke's only goal in life is to become stronger and rule over all he encounters. He fights with the strength of several men and will never allow himself to be taken prisoner in battle.

    Action Figure: Like all other D&D he is extremely detailed. The toy is 3" 3/4 inches tall and is poseable in the arms, legs and head. He has a "battle mattic" action with his arm. He comes with a shield with a monster's skull on it, and a silver/yellow magical sword.

    Variations: Battle Mattic Warduke has no known variations. His package can be found in the original "Red" and then in the later "Purple" color. I have not seen a red one yet.

    Picture of Warduke "Battle Mattic" MOC (NO PHOTO)

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