Name:   Ringlerun
   Type:        Good Wizard

    Bio: Wanting to help mankind above all things, this magical human has a wide array of spells at his command. Believing that the power of magic was meant for maintaining law and order, this person will always do his utmost to help the needy and defend the weak and helpless.

    Wizards have been known and feared through the ages because of their great magical powers. The forces of evil and destruction must often run in fear when facing such a man.

    Action Figure: Like all other D&D he is extremely detailed. The figure stands 3" 3/4 and is poseable in the arms and legs. He comes with a brown staff and his white and red laced cloak. He was only released in the 1st Series of AD&D.

    Variations:The figure was never produced as a Battle Mattic. There are no known variations on the figure or weapons.

    Picture of Ringlerun MOC

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