Name:   Strongheart
   Type:        Good Paladin

    Bio: The most honest and brave of all the types of fighters, this human desires nothing more than a good fight against evil and its ways. Riding a proud charger, this warrior's sword and his good right arm serve to protect the ways of the weak and deserving.
    Because of his honest ways he can instantly tell evil wherever he finds it. He can also heal the sick and wounded and stand an fight evil foes that would make others run in fear.

    Action Figure: Like all other D&D he is extremely detailed. The figure stands 3" 3/4 and is poseable in the arms and legs. He comes with a glittering blue cape and a silver sword. He was released in the 1st Series and 2nd Series of AD&D.

    Variations:The figure was produced as a regular figure and a Battle Mattic. The original figure had a variation of being in grey or silver color. The silver colored Strongheart is rarer.

    Picture of Strongheart MOC

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