Name:   Young Male Titan "Shield Shooter"
   Type:        Good Titan

    Bio: Titans are one of the most magical of all creatures. For this reason they are also one of the most feared of foes in battle. The Young Male Titan is the most powerful of all titans. He always carries his magical weapons and can become invisible, fly into the air or cast magic spells at will. Titans usually live and travel alone and can often be found high in huge flying castles or in giant underwater caverns.

    Action Figure: Like all other D&D he is extremely detailed. The toy stands 5" inches tall and is poseable in the arms, legs and head. He has a "Battle Mattic" action with his arm and the "Shield Shooting" action. He has a spear, a Roman sword, and his helmet with red reef. His shield is silver with a emblem of a lion with claws facing outwards on it. His shield is bronze with a emblem of a lion. Being a Shield Shooter, the Emblem is spring launched!

    Variations:Young Male Titan has no known variations.

    Picture of Young Male Titan MOC

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